Melissa Shoshahi

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Mel Talk is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Melissa Shoshahi. Every week along with a guest, Mel discusses stupid news, pop culture, trending hotties and weekly rants!


We got a Muslim, Jew and Hindu on this weeks episode, yes we have Trumps worst nightmare on Mel Talk! Fresh from the Desi Comedy Festival, we chat it up with one of the co-founders of the festival Samson Koletkar, along with talented comedians Nishant Tanwar and Saad Haroon! We discuss Desi Festival – the largest South Asian Comedy Festival in the world. The guests also give us the scoop on Bombay’s thriving comedy scene, along with some gibberish talk that is bound to happen when you record at 2:30am! For more information on the comedians and the festival, please visit

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We chat it up with the talented writer, director and producer Will Raee! He gives us the insider scoop on fun projects he has been working on, including the much-anticipated dark comedy Lost in Austin! We talk Hollywood, marriage and politics! For more information on Will Raee’s work, check out his IMDB Page



Where to begin with this week’s episode! Let’s start with me having two seizures and being hospitalized! It really happened, I don’t remember much at all but between my lovely friend Nicky Bernal and amazing boyfriend Dara - they reveal some hilarious stories from the dramatic day. From me requesting my Calvin Harris pillow to Snapchat damage control, these two have me rolling in tears as they share what went down that day. All jokes aside, I’m so blessed to be alive and thankful for all the love and support from everybody. For more information on Nicky, check her out on Twitter @nickybernal. Dara is not on social media, I know….xoxo.